Fluoride Treatments

Almost all toothpaste contains fluoride, but in office, we can apply a more powerful coating of  fluoride to assist in strengthening your teeth. At Scottsdale Family Dental, in office Fluoride treatments are a great compliment to your daily home routine and they only take a few minutes.


Protective Sealants

Dr. Chris Yoon at Scottsdale Family Dental uses Protective Sealants to deliver extra protection to assist in preventing decay, especially for your molars and other hard-to-reach areas where plaque may build up.Dr. Chris Yoon at Scottsdale Family Dental uses a special plastic resin to coat the chewing surfaces of your rear molars. Sealing takes only a short time, causes minimal if any discomfort, and offers several years of protection.


Dr. Chris Yoon at Scottsdale Family Dental recommends a good teeth cleaning every six months should be part of everyone’s dental care routine. It keeps your teeth and gums healthy on an ongoing basis. Call us at Scottsdale Family Dental to schedule your next cleaning.

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